Salamander Brewing Company In early 2000 Christopher Bee and Daniel Gent, who had been both been working as Head Brewers in other microbreweries, founded Salamander Brewing Company at the site of a former pie factory in Dudley Hill, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

After few months of renovating the building and isntalling the brewing plant, production started with trail brew of a Christmas special called Sleigher. This proved so popular it was immediately repeated. Salamander now produces a wide range of cask ales, from light golden bitters to dark porters and stouts, from refreshing session ales to dangerously drinkable strong ales.

A numnber of our most popular brews are named after various types of salamander- these include our best bitter Mudpuppy (4.2%), Golden Salamander (4.5%), Axolotl (3.8%) and Hellbender (4.8%). Beers from Salamander are available throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, North Cheshire and further afield through wholesalers.